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Tree Decay Detection

I use PiCUS Sonic Tomograph 3 to investigate the internal structural condition of trees using sound waves. A series of test points are installed around the tree at the required measuring level. These are chosen after a detailed inspection has identified defects requiring further investigation. The test points are used to send or receive sound waves. The distances between the measuring points are carefully measured and recorded by the field technician.

The sound waves are generated by an electronic hammer tapping on the "live" test point and the remaining test points "listen". The PiCUS instrument measures the time sound waves travel between the sending point and the other listening test points.

The software calculates the apparent sonic velocities (distance/time) and draws a "velocity" or "density" map of the tree by combining the measured tree geometry with sonic data recorded during the assessment. The sonic velocity can be correlated with wood densities and therefore with the soundness of the wood.

This method of investigation helps the management decision and allows an accurate assessment of the decay range within the stem.

Treecare Consulting offers detailed decay and quick decay scans. Detailed are taken at as many points asrequired to replicate the trees shape. The quick scans are used just todiscover if basal decay is present and further scans may be required.

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