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Tree Inspections

Tree inspections are a legal requirement if you are a landowner which owns trees. In our experience even landowners who know roughly where their trees are, often do not have a list of defective or dangerous trees that do pose a risk to people or property.
Should a tree under your care suffer a foreseeable failure and cause a forseeable injury you may be liable for the damage/incident caused. This can be easily be avoided by having a systematic professional survey of your tree/trees.
I provide a tailor made survey process for you and aim to ensure we return a tree survey that you can use to instruct a contractor to carry out work with. By doing this you are minimising the risk of failure of trees. We start with the minimum but can add whichever survey field you wish us to gather data on. This could be a stock take or species list for collections.

A survey usually includes the following as a minimum for tree condition:

  • Species
  • Tag number such as 33452 (JP.TC), these are unique to each tree
  • Tree number
  • Physiological health
  • Structural condition
  • Considerations
  • Recomendations
  • Digital site plan and trees marked on according to size and condition
  • Work priority grade

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Tree inspections may also be required when submitting a planning application. With several years experience within the planning environment we can provide BS 5837 2012 surveys to help your application meet the requirements of the Town and Country Planning Act but ensure your trees remain un damaged by development.