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My services

At Treecare Consulting I like to give our clients an informed and practical approach to managing their tree stock no matter what their land use is. I cater for many diverse areas of tree management from a sinlge tree through to woodlands and forests. I like to enable clients to utilise their tree stock without ruining the historic and ecological importance their tree stock offers - I do this through good, simple advice. I offer state of the art decay detection services such as Picus Tomography and up to date survey methodolgies to suit all budgets. We can also work and supply with digital formats.

We have a proven track record of flexibility to meet deadlines or work outside the scope of normal remits.

Please use our contact page to get a survey quotation.

  • Tree condition survey - What condition are your trees in?
  • Picus Tomegraphy decay detection?
  • Tree hazard survey - Do they pose a threat to people or property?
  • Tree stock take - What have you got and where?
  • BS 5837 2012 survey (trees in relation to construction) - Building near trees?
  • Tree Preservation Order Work (TPO) applications - Wish to prune a protected tree?
  • Conservation area notification (section 211 notice) - Want to carry out tree work within a conservation area?
  • Tree pest and disease diagnosis - What is wrong with my tree/shrub?
  • Planting specifications
  • Stock location plans for planting
  • Highway regulation tree management specifications - Trees threatening the highway user?
  • GIS tree mapping - Plot your tree accurately on a plan map.
  • GIS asset mapping - Where are your dog waste bins? Where's that broken bench?
  • Geo referenced tree photography - Link a photo to your tree.
  • Mediation between landowners - Awkward discussion with neighbour? Give us a call.
  • High hedge disputes - Is there a case for or against? We can resolve it?
  • Veteran tree care and ecological management

It is a legal requirement to have your trees inspected. The Occupiers Liability Act 1957 and 1984 ask that any forseeable harm from a forseable event must be prevented. This also applies to your trees.

A simple walk over survey of your tree stock could remove potential claims to you as a land owner. Negligence is no defence.