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Microdrill Testing

I offer wood testing using IML PD 500 Microdrill. The PD500 has a drilling depth 0f 500mm so can easily extend below ground or into large structures made of wood.

I offer two types of test:
1. Trees that are living/standing. Decay pockets, cracks, non tensile forks, decay in buttress roots below soil level.
2. Wooden poles/structures such as play equipment and utility poles. Simple quick test to assess structural properties.

I use the drill tocheck for decay, cracks and other major structural weakness. In the case of utility poles and play equipment this is a simple pass or fail test. You have the result in seconds. We can also use Picus Sonic Tomograph alongside the Microdrill to provide the client with the very clearest information as to what is going on inside there tree/wooden structure.

The process of testing with a physical result removes doubt.
Drilling is only used when there is a clear reason to do so - non defective sound trees are not drilled.

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