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Japanese Knotweed

If you have a problem with Japanese Knotweed in your garden/property or adjacent land drop me an email.

I can provide a cost effective solution to this invasive weed and reduce your concerns/liabilities and eradicate it from the location using various herbicides and not expensive digging out, bagging and burying off site. Do not let anyone strim, brush cut or flail JK - it will only make the problem a lot worse.

It is not an offence to have JK growing on your land but it is an offence to let it "escape" your land. The plant grows with a root system called a rhizome below ground, the foliage we see above ground grows from this rhizome. The rhizome can be vast and also deep in the ground. Treating just foliage above ground with the wrong herbicide or one that is not as specific to the plant will only kill the foliage above ground giving false hope and not the rhizome below ground. With the right chemical applied using stem injection or droplet sprayer the rhizome can also be killed to prevent re growth.

I can provide a simple treatment program that usually is over in one season to three years and provide a treatment record and result document for you to prove what has been done and how it has worked.

Sites that have dense infestations obviously take more treatments but it can be controlled effectively with the right herbicide. Where a boundary is affected there will be a need to discuss spread of the plant across boundaries with the land owner and appropriate enforcement agency.